Imminent Return!

       Paul Schomer

Paul Schomer

Radio Crowdfund is almost back! A new batch of crowdfunding artists and crowdfunded music will arrive Thursday evening.

See you then!

Huge thanks to Austin Music Foundation and the participants on the music crowdfunding panel: Alexander Beggins (Wild Child), Austin-based singer songwriter Erin Ivey, and Roger Blevins (Mingo Fishtrap), plus the amazing John Pinter, founder of the subscription music patronage site

Mid-Hi Ate Us Update, Vulfpeck

The full-on beauty of Radio Crowdfund posts will fully return to this space the Thursday after Labor Day, aka September 4.
logoMeantime, I will be moderating an Austin Music Foundation panel discussion this week, “Creative Funding: How to Run a Successful Crowdfunding Campaign From Start to Finish,” at 6PM Wednesday, August 20, at One-2-One, 1509 S. Lamar Blvd., Austin, TX, 78704. Panelists include Austin musicians / successful crowdfunders Alexander Beggins (Wild Child), Erin Ivey (Austin Artist), and Roger Blevins (Mingo Fishtrap).

RSVP here for the event or just come on by, it’s free…

Also meantime, here’s a track by Vuflpeck, currently kicking Kickstarter ass to the tune of $6K. Super soulful, you will love it.

Fij/Bickers, Radiation City

       Paul Schomer

Paul Schomer

#72. Dog days indeed. Just two songs to feature this week, might take some time off in August. If you check back and there hasn’t been an update, just give it a week!

As always, thanks to all the artists in advance for letting me use photos and allowing me to embed your wonderful, original music. Let me know if credit is due for photos.

On to campaign updates — some well-deserving bands on here that need a little help…

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> FLANNEL GRAPH: Way to go!

> THE GIRLS UPSTAIRS: $1493 of $3000, 8 days to go. Halfway there with a week left.
> GOLDEN ANIMALS:  $2132 of $7500, 27 days. Good thing this is a longer campaign

How’s about some new music?

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fij-bickersHard to come up with something cute when the artists say it so well themselves: “Pete Fij (alkowski), ex-Adorable & Polak, and Terry Bickers, he of House of Love & Levitation, have teamed up to make sweet miserable music together.”

And how sweet this miserable music indeed is. Back in November, this indie Brit folk pop duo raised nearly $12K on Kickstarter to record Broken Heart Surgery, a collection of torchy, mostly acoustic numbers centered on the theme of, well, broken heart surgery. The 10 tracks are contemplative, sour, and packed with fabulous lyricism and classic rock and roll touches, softened and molded to the Fij/Bickers intimate message. A little Nick Lowe, a little Velvet Underground, and some Robert Wyatt in there, too.

Listen to the slowly chugging rhythms of the opening song “Out of Time” — just a sample of the goods awaiting on the full album. Righteous!

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$2542 pledged of a $13000 goal / 18 days to go
radiationcity9-wpRad City’s sound gives you the feeling of a classic sci-fi film soundtrack from the early 1960s — eerie vocals, mysterious, uncertain, and chilling. A bit like the best of Portishead, the music is moody and evocative with that band’s cinematic presence, easily gliding from heavily layered interludes to the spare spooky parts.

The quintet formed in 2010, fronted by Cameron Spies and Lizzy Ellison, as an outlet from the pressures of playing in other Portland bands. They are now gearing up for their third full-length release and are looking to raise the cash to record with John Vanderslice at the legendary analog audio equipment museum that is Tiny Telephone.

Give a listen to “So Long” from Animals in the Median, Radiation City’s full-length from May 2013, and think about a kick.

- Radiation City on Kickstarter
- Radiation City on Bandcamp

Wrap. Thanks for listening in and be sure to follow me on Twitter @radiocrowdfund for updates, kick-worthy campaigns, and great new music discoveries between now and next Thursday night.