Marie Danielle, Here Comes the Reign Again

new-profile#76. It was nip and tuck until literally a few hours ago. Over 700 campaigns on Kickstarter and nothing was coming even close. And don’t get me started on Crowdfunded Creations that have yet to be freakin’ created, after many months and many thousands of $$$.

But… I finally found a very fresh flower (sorry for the Fs) — only two songs on Soundcloud to her credit. And I’ve got Here Comes the Reign! Indie bands cover ’80s British classics? You don’t want to miss this.

Let’s check out campaign updates, see who’s made it and who needs it.line

> JAMES HARRIS MOORE: $4090 of $4K, 2 days. And he’s moving back to Nashville!
> SUMMER UNDERGROUND: Done with $7340 for new sounds.
> REINA DEL CID: Finito with $23,705$17,438.
> COLONIES: $6162 of $6K, 2 days. Way to go!

> HARE AND THE HOUNDS: $1890 of $2500, 8 days. Good Atlanta tunes.

reign2-wpI don’t know this guy Andrew Curry or how he’s got the pull to get rights cleared and great artists to participate, but I do love the cut of his jib, or bib, or whatever.

This is Curry’s second awesome covers compilation album. The first was 2013’s Drink a Toast to Innocence: A Tribute to Lite Rock, featuring such gems as “Baby Come Back” by American pop dude Bleu and “The Things We Do For Love” by Swedish pop dude David Myhr. It’s like Yacht Rock on steroids in the 21st century. Link below.

Curry crowdfunded this new tribute effort to the tune of just under $15K and it hits the streets next week. I’ll just quote Bandcamp here: “Today’s best indie pop artists pay tribute to the classic British bands of the 1980s.” And he means BEST. Every song you remember most and some of the top indie dogs around.

My pal Freedy Johnston is on there (“Promises, Promises”), as is another old bud, Cliff Hillis — met him 20 years ago at The Dogfish Head (yup, ground zero of the microbrew powerhouse) in Rehoboth Beach, DE, when I walked in to the dulcet tones of Donovan’s “Season of the Witch” and knew I had to meet the perpetrator. Cliff kills it covering Nik Kershaw’s MTV green screen classic “Wouldn’t it Be Good”.

Clearly, I got it bad for this collection.

Also among the 27 furry faithful: Mike Doughty (“Relax”!), Rachel Yamagata (“Do You Really Want to Hurt Me”), Eric Barao (“Tainted Love”), and Ken Stringfellow (“Digging Your Scene”), plus Candy Butcher and Oscar nominee Mike Viola (remember “That Thing You Do”?) doing this version of “Everybody Wants to Change the World”… Listen and love.

Here Comes the Reign Again on Bandcamp
Drink a Toast to Innocence: A Tribute to Lite Rock on Bandcamp



$2035 pledged of a $2500 goal / 16 days to go
marie-wpOK, I got nothin on this young woman except what’s on her Kickstarter campaign page and that ain’t much. She apparently saw recently that Simone Felice (The Felice Brothers) was soliciting demo tapes from unsigned artists to record in Woodstock. She sent a tape in with two songs. He called. She’s about $500 short of her traveling costs.

These very well-produced — and very beautiful — demo tracks hint at what she just might be capable of with the help of a Felice brother in a suitably tricked out studio.

So I say listen, kick, and keep an ear our for big things from this singer songwriter. Here is “One of My Kind” — one more where that came from, link below. Also below, her Facebook page with a grand total of 98 likes. YouTube? 5 subscribers and 147 total views for 3 songs. Very much my kind of under-the-radar.

UPDATE: And we’re back? Soundcloud had some issues. May still choke a bit.

Marie Danielle on Kickstarter
Marie Danielle on SoundCloud
Marie Danielle Music on Facebook

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Flannel Graph, Hare and the Hounds

new-profile#75. Hmph. Tough week in the wilderness, a lot of very marginal music on Kickstarter in particular, but I can’t let Indiegogo go without a flame: ooofff for most of the campaigns there, too.

Soooo… a one-and-one this time around — the music from the AMAZING Flannel Graph should be more than enough for two. Hare and the Hounds not too shabby either, so I’m happy with the quality control on this post.

As always, thanks to all the artists in advance for letting me use photos and allowing me to embed your wonderful, original music. Let me know if credit is due for photos.

Let’s check on some campaigns from the last few weeks…

> JAMES HARRIS MOORE: $3434 of $4K, 10 days. Help him over the top!
> SUMMER UNDERGROUND: $6595 of $7K, 4 days. I should just call it, but they you might not pledge…
> REINA DEL CID: $17,438 of $20K, 4 days. Up $5K in a week! Sweet. But still a few K short, so don’t hide. Take your crowbar to that wallet and GIVE.
> COLONIES: $4203 of $6K, 9 days. I really, really like these guys. You will, too.


flannel-wpOne freezing Texas week back in July, I brazenly requested that whosoever read the post should rush right over and pledge to this band, they are just that good. Well, they raised nearly $6K and came out with a doozy like that first step from Groundhog Day: the 7-song EP Ribs of Adam.

Shayla Smith sings, Leon Gregory plays guitar and harmonizes on every track and believe me, every track is where you want to be. They should just change the name of their current city to “Castaspell” because that’s the full effect. It’s rare that a band gets me from start to finish but all of these tunes are money in the bank, and this is a bank that is way too beautiful to fail.

No descriptions. No comparisons. Just listen up right. Hard to decide which one to embed! OK. “In My Soul” it shall be…

Flannel Graph on Bandcamp
Flannel Graph on l’ web


$1600 pledged of a $2500 goal / 15 days to go
hounds-wpThis self-described “classic literate rock” group (better than a classic illiterate rock group, right?) has got the goods. Crafty lyrics, skilled instrumentation, superb production value — but that would all be por nada if it wasn’t for the heart I can hear throughout the songs. Atlanta is lucky to have ‘em but I’m betting they’ll soon be traveling far and wide.

At turns dreamy and upbeat, these guys make it all sound easy and good. It’s as if Canada came south, think Arcade Fire meets Cowboy Junkies (but no girls). They also remind me a bit of new indie sensations Saint Seneca.

Hare and Co. are on Indiegogo to fund a debut full-length; they’ve released a fine EP already, 2012’s Handsome Houses. Grab your partner for a waltz and click play on the leadoff track, “A Restless Me”… and think about a kick (even though it’s Indiegogo). Did I mention it’s also a free download on Bandcamp?

Hare and the Hounds on Indiegogo
Hare and The Hounds on Bandcamp

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The Red Telephone, James Harris Moore, Summer Underground

       Paul Schomer

Paul Schomer

#74. A relatively pleasant week in the wilderness. The return of a mid-90s Boston pop band, a singer/songwriter guy out of Charlottesville, and something completely different different from the big city. That’s the idea this week, so listen up right.

As always, thanks to all the artists in advance for letting me use photos and allowing me to embed your wonderful, original music. Let me know if credit is due for photos.

On to campaign updates — some well-deserving bands on here that need a little help…


> REINA DEL CID: $12,584 of $20K, 11 days.
> COLONIES: $3275 of $6K, 16 days.

red-wp“We’re gonna take a quick break and we’ll see you in a dozen years or so… ” That could have been the line uttered from the stage by frontman Matt Hutton back in 2002. This after a 7-year career that saw his band catapult out of the Boston mid-90s indie scene, release a single on legendary indie label Time Bomb Records, get signed and dropped by Warner Brothers after one album, then go the self-release route with an EP (Aviation,2000) and a full-length (Cellar Songs, 2002).

Top o’ the (CMJ) charts! MTV! Critical faves! Relentless touring! Then…

Nada. For 12 whole years. Now The Red Telephone has reunited and took to Kickstarter this summer, raising a little over $3K (campaign title: “In Search of The Red Telephone”) to release their new album, Places You Return (get it?), on vinyl. The Red Telephone has been compared to Boston dreary pop stalwarts Dumptruck but I hear more of my old Beantown favorites The Cavedogs, high praise indeed.

The full album should be out within a few weeks, but here’s the first song, “Come Outside” — plenty o’ jangle, shimmer, and serious M-A swagger. BIG FINISH! One listen and you’ll be just like me: glad they got the band back together. These guys have literally not missed a beat.



JAMES HARRIS MOORE (Charlottesville, VA)
$2470 pledged of a $4K goal /  17 days to go
jmh-wpHe’s got the requisite three names and a heart full of soul and with lines like “Can I pour you some years? Fuckin’ up’s the only thing we learned…”, this guy will simply slay you.

It’s apparently a family thing — he is the son of an unnamed  Nashville-based singer/songwriter (mom? dad?), and the country vibe is present. He admits to possessing “the twang of Ryan Adams, the loneliness of Sun Kil Moon and the distortion of Uncle Tupelo.”

James has been around the band block (Penny Pistol) and he recorded a quality solo album, sawgrass, in 2008. He’s on Kickstarter to got another solo effort out there — give a listen to the track “Take My Money” from a 2013 live set, very fine, and just maybe give him a kick?

James Harris Moore on Kickstarter
James Harris Moore on the old internet

$3710 pledged of a $7K goal /  11 days to go
summer-wpThis selection is slightly out there. But I guarantee you’ll find something here to like or even love. Wacky multi-instrumentation. Evocative vocals. (hey!). Brilliant lyrics.

Grant Carey and Chrissy Sandman have been making music together for three years or so and the combination is righteous and weird. But they definitely make beautiful music together.

The two are originally from Pittsburgh and now, for the first time since beginning this whole trip, are living in the same city after two EPs and a full-length album recorded while both resided in different places.

They’ve gone Kickstarter to produce Honeycomb, the album they are currently recording back in the Pennsylvania hills.

Get yourself ready. Have a seat. Put on those hi-fidelity cans. And click the play button below on “Teach Me How to Move” from Summer Underground’s 2013 EP Arrivals. Killer!

Summer Underground on Kickstarter
Summer Undergrounds cool web site

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PEACE (please please).